At Eva Antiques I am, like many others, very conscious of mine and my business' footprint on the world. In fact, I think about it always. Antique and vintage jewellery is, by its very nature, a recycled product. This is something that has always appealed to me and even more so in this age of consumerism. I love to shop and buy beautiful pieces and I am no stranger to wanting something so badly that I think about it incessantly. This is certainly a part of our modern day lives. I believe that antique and vintage items, not only jewellery, but clothes, furniture, crockery etc. are a brilliant thing and add so much style to all areas of life, while being a conscious choice. No one will have the same piece and we will all show our own individual style. It brings me much joy to be a part of this industry and to, hopefully, find pieces that will be loved and passed down through families. Recycling at its best.

On another note, my packaging is always a work in progress. Currently, it is purposely generic. My jewellery boxes, though not made from recycled materials unfortunately, are non-branded and of a fairly high quality for the very reason that they can be reused and passed on. When packaged, my boxes are wrapped in recycled tissue paper and ribbon with the hope that this will also be used another time. The bubble wrap that the boxes are wrapped in is plastic and I am hoping to phase this out over time. However, I never buy brand new bubble wrap, but instead, use it off all manor of pieces that have been delivered. I also have friends that will always pass it along to me - there seems to be an endless source. This is not ideal, as really, I'd rather it wasn't required and was made from a recyclable material. Like I say, a work in progress. Finally, I use bubble wrap lined jiffy bags that are made from 60% recycled material and all the paper in this product has come from a responsible source.  

Overall, my request is, where possible, please reuse my packaging. I am far away from being fully green, though my aim is to get there. The purpose of this note is to show my intentions and to encourage others to constantly rethink the environmental choices we make.