• SOLD 18kt White Gold Baguette Diamond Solitaire Necklace


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    A simple and pretty contemporary diamond solitaire pendant. The pendant is a beautiful baguette cut diamond; a simple geometric step cut diamond in a minimal setting. The diamond measures approx 6.2mm by 3.8mm and is around 2.8mm deep; these dimensions have been taken whilst the diamond is in the setting. This equates to around 1/2 a carat. It is a beautiful clean white colour, around an H, and it does have two eye visible inclusions in the stone meaning that it is around an I1 in terms of clarity. This is a little misleading as the diamond as a whole is clean and bright with no visible carbon spots. The clean step cut of a baguette means that inclusions can be very visible as they do not have the facets to hide them. In my opinion, the two inclusions do not deter from the beauty and brightness of the stone. Please see the photo of the diamond through 10x magnification (final photo).

    The pendant hangs on a fine 18kt white gold chain measuring approx 16 1/2" in length.


    Materials - 18kt White Gold (marked on chain), Baguette Diamond

    Age - Within the last 20 years

    Size - Diamond dimensions as above

    Condition - Very good

    Weight - 0.37 pendant only, 1.37g total with chain. Please note, this is a lightweight piece.