• SOLD 1940s Trench Art Aluminium Ring with Artillery Shell


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    An extremely unusual and rare piece of trench art from the second world war. This is a ring that has been made from aluminium and brass, materials that would have been available to a soldier during the war. It has a lovely chunky look and the 75 on the artillery shell on the top could either relate to the soldier's regiment or to the type of ammunition that was used during this time, 75mm shells.  This ring is most likely English or French in origin.


    Materials - Aluminium, Brass

    Age - C1940s

    Size - US 7 1/2  UK P  This ring cannot be resized

    Condition - Excellent. Some slight tarnishing to the aluminium on one side, most likely there from the beginning and noted for accuracy only.

    Weight - 2.2g