• SOLD 9ct Gold Hand Charm with Coral Dangle


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    An unusual hand charm from the early 20th Century, c1910s. The charm is made from 9ct gold and is in the shape of a hand holding, what I believe to be, a cricket ball. An interesting design: sporting pursuits were often depicted in the Victorian/Edwardian period in jewelry and cricket was a popular sport at this time. The hand appears to be cast made as you can see the seams round the side of the hand where the front and back have been joined together. I believe the coral dangle is a replacement to whatever hung there before. It is a wonderful colour coral bead and compliments the gold of the hand beautifully.


    Materials - 9ct Gold (marked), Coral

    Age - C1910s

    Size - 38mm from the top of the bale to the bottom of the little gold bead at the bottom

    Condition - Very good

    Weight - 2.5g