• SOLD Antique 18ct Gold Diamond & Ruby Snake Slide Pendant


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    A stunning and rare pendant from the Victorian period. The pendant is made from solid 18ct gold and can be worn in two different ways on a chain. It has the ability to be worn horizontally as a slide pendant and also vertically from the bail just behind the tip of the tail. It is beautifully detailed with the impression of the snakes skin engraved into the gold and has a wonderful vibrant blue gemstone set into the head of the snake, which I believe is a blue tourmaline. I had thought this was a sapphire though having placed it on the refractometer, it appears that it is in the tourmaline region. Perhaps this particular stone was originally a sapphire and has been replaced? It is difficult to know and it is very much in keeping with the original piece. The blue is a wonderful colour with shades of grey as the undertone when viewed through a loupe. The snake's coiled body is studded with rubies and rose diamonds and the whole piece is incredibly striking, complete with rose diamond slices in the eyes.

    The chain pictured is for display only.


    Materials - 18ct Gold (tested), Rubies, Rose Diamonds, Possible Blue Tourmaline

    Age - Victorian 1837-1901

    Size - The snake measures approx 38mm long by 14mm wide. The blue tourmaline measures approx 4mm by 3mm, measured in the setting.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 3.52g