• SOLD Antique 800 Silver Niello Chain Necklace


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    A lovely solid chain from the early part of the 20th Century. The chain is made from 800 silver and likely German in origin. The beautiful elongated links alternate between niello and rose gold gilding on the silver. Niello is a mixture of silver, copper and lead sulphides that are mixed together to form a black appearance. Here it has been inlaid into silver to create a stripe in the links. A lovely, chunky chain that can be layered with others or worn alone. It also has a niello swivel clasp to finish the piece perfectly.


    Materials - 800 Silver (marked), Niello

    Age - C1920s

    Size - Chain measures 16 3/4".

    Condition - Very good. Some very slight wear to the niello and gilding commensurate with age. Noted for accuracy only.

    Weight - 18.7g