• SOLD Antique 800 Silver Niello Elk Tooth Pendant on Niello Chain


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    An antique niello pendant from the Victorian period, c1880. The pendant has a lovely niello top, which is designed with little stars all over it. It clings onto an elk tooth, likely a hunting trophy, and the piece is likely to originate from Germany. The pendant hangs on a niello chain from the same period and makes an interesting addition to your neck. Niello is a black mixture made from sulphur, copper, silver and lead that is inlaid onto silver to create a pattern. Stars were often depicted in this special inlay.


    Materials - 800 Silver, Niello, Elk Tooth

    Age - C1880s

    Size - Elk Tooth measures approx 28mm by 10mm, with the bail adding an extra 8mm to the length

            Chain measures approx 15" long

    Condition - Good. Some niello loss to the chain and pendant, noted for accuracy only.

    Weight - 8.34g