• SOLD Antique 9ct Gold Moonstone Stud Earrings


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    A beautiful pair of earrings from the first half of the 20th Century. The earrings are made from 9kt gold, marked faintly on the posts and on the butterflies with .375. They are a simple pair of stunning moonstone gemstones set into closed back gold bezel settings. The moonstones are truly stunning and certainly glow from within with a lovely blue adularescence. They are a good size measuring approx 8mm in diameter.


    Materials - 9kt Gold (marked), Moonstones

    Age - 1915-25, likely converted to studs at some point. 

    Size - Moonstone details as above

    Condition - Very good. There is a marginal depth differential between the two stones, one at 6mm and the other at 5mm deep, though this is impossible to notice when worn and is noted for accuracy only.

    Weight - 1.88g the pair