• SOLD Vintage Diamond Studded Sputnik Ball Charm


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    A pretty and unusual petite charm pendant from the middle of the 20th Century. The pendant is a little ball known as a sputnik pendant, due to the fact that it resembles the sputnik satellite that was launched in 1957. This style of charm was very popular during the '60s and this one is particularly pretty as it is studded all around with little rose diamonds. I believe these diamonds may be replacements to what was there originally as normally these pendants have multi coloured gemstones, though this 14kt gold example is lovely quality and the diamonds give it a lovely alternative look. The diamonds have a champagne colour, which contrasts beautifully with the high carat gold.

    This charm will come on a 14kt gold fill chain.


    Materials - 14kt Gold (tested), Diamonds

    Age - Mid 20th Century

    Size - The ball measures approx 12mm in diameter. The diamonds are approx 2.8mm in diameter each

    Condition - Very good

    Weight - 3.63g pendant only.