• SOLD Antique Foil Backed Pear Diamond Slice Earrings


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    A pretty pair of earring components from the early Victorian period, c1850s, converted at a later time. The earrings have wonderful pear shaped diamond slices that have been foil backed and set in silver. The silver settings have a little frill design around the diamonds and the diamonds have a lovely subtle sparkle. To the back, the silver is mounted on 18ct gold and they have 18ct gold hooks. The earrings likely started life as part of another piece of jewellery with the silver and gold back being original. The 18ct gold hooks have been added later to change them into earrings. A lovely pair of unusual diamond earrings, perfect for all occasions.


    Materials - Silver, 18ct Gold (both tested), Diamond Slices

    Age - C1850s, converted later

    Size - The pear shaped part of the earrings measures approx 11mm long by 7mm wide.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 1.97g