• SOLD Antique Shakudo Boat Silver Gilt Earrings


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    Beautiful shakudo panel earrings set in simple silver gilt closed back settings. The shakudo panels are from the mid to late 19th Century and have been remounted at some point in their history. The design depicts a classic Japanese sail boat sailing across the choppy seas with a mountain in the distance. A truly dreamy scene. 

    Shakudo was invented by the Japanese and introduced to the West in the mid 19th Century. Typically it is a mix of copper with a small amount of gold, which can be treated to form something resembling a lacquer.


    Materials - Gilded Silver, Shakudo

    Age - c1870 panels, later mounts

    Size - Oval part of earring 21mm by 14mm

    Condition - Good. Some slight wear to the gold on the shakudo, consummate with age

    Weight - 9.9g the pair.