• SOLD Antique Silver Novelty Handcuff Double Ring


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    An amazing and rare pair of rings that are held together with a chain to resemble handcuffs. The rings themselves are lovely and wide and beautifully made with a hinge to one side and the look of a keyhole to another. The rings actually do hinge open and rather than rings, they could be used on a necklace too, perhaps as an extender or to hold pendants with larger bails on. They are the ideal size for a ring finger and pinky finger ring and are a real novelty item, though you could also wear them on the same finger, with one higher up the finger than the other. Such a cool thing.


    Materials - Silver (tested)

    Age - Believed to be early 20th Century

    Size - The rings are approx 9mm wide for the larger ring and 8mm wide for the smaller ring.

            Ring size - Around an L - M (US 5.75ish) for the larger, and an H 1/2 - I (US 4 1/2 ish) for the smaller. Please make allowances for the fact that they are fairly wide and may fit a little smaller. Also, as the handcuffs open, if you have larger knuckles, you can open the rings to put them over your knuckle and then fasten them at the lowest point on your finger. This worked well in my case.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 15.32g the pair