• SOLD Art Deco Crysoprase & Rock Crystal 9ct Gold Necklace


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    An absolutely beautiful quality necklace from the 1920s. The chain is made from 9ct gold, though has the beautiful buttery colour of 15ct gold, and has a lovely heavy weight to it considering its relative daintiness. The necklace has four little sections along it at equal distance from the clasp. These sections are comprised of two domed shaped cyrsoprase with a faceted rock crystal bead between the two. This style of necklace was quite common during this period and the regular spacing of these little areas of detail allow for a pendant to be hung centrally at the bottom, though the necklace can also be worn alone.

    A truly eye-catching and interesting chain.


    Materials -9ct Gold (tested), Crysoprase, Rock Crystal

    Age - C1920s

    Size - The chain measures 19" on length. Each little ball detail is approx. 8mm in diameter across the rock crystal

    Condition - Excellent. A couple of very tiny chips on two of the chrysoprase at the point where the chain threads through. Noted for accuracy only.

    Weight - 10g