• SOLD Art Deco Platinum Synthetic Spinel Solitaire Ring


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    A stunning ring from the Art Deco period, c1920s/30s. The ring has a gorgeous blue gemstone at the centre, which has been professionally tested by the gem lab in Birmingham, UK as a synthetic spinel. The spinel has a wonderful colour that glows with shades of blue, grey and purple. It appears different in every light and is a lovely large size, measuring approximately 10mm in diameter making it around 4cts.

    Synthetic stones were widely used in luxury jewellery during this period as the skills and knowledge to lab create the stones expanded at this time. Synthetic stones have all the same properties as their natural cousins, but have been man-made.


    Materials - Platinum (tested), Synthetic Spinel (tested)

    Age - C1920s/30s

    Size - Buttercup setting measures 13mm in diameter.

            Ring size  UK O  US 7  This ring could be resized

    Condition - Very good. Some light nibble to the culet of the spinel

    Weight - 4.95g