• SOLD Art Deco Sterling Silver Enamel Square Ring


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    A pair of unusual rings from the Art Deco period, c1930s. The rings are made from sterling silver and could be sold as a pair (£124) or separately (£62 each). Each one has been made in a square shape, giving them their unusual quality, and has lovely bright enamel. Being green and blue, there is a look of waves in the ocean about the enamel. They look great worn together or alone and are a perfect stack addition. The blue is smaller in finger size than the green, but actually they sit very well together and their square shape means that they do not move around too much.


    Materials - Sterling Silver (tested), Enamel

    Age - C1930s

    Size - The green is approx 3mm in diameter, the blue is approx 2.5mm in diameter

            Ring size  Green UK P 1/2  US 7 3/4  Blue  UK N 1/2  US 6 3/4  These rings cannot be resized and sizes are slightly approximate due to their shape 

    Condition - Very good. 

    Weight - Blue 2.18g  Green 2.82g