• SOLD Early 20th Century Niello Link Bracelet


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    This striking bracelet is from the early 1900s and is made from 800 silver and niello. Niello is a mixture of metals that is used as an inlay on silver to create an interesting design. This piece has a chunky appearance and the niello creates a fabulous checker design on each of the links. This pattern is carried through onto the tbar, whilst the dog clip clasp as a stripe, more commonly seen with niello. An unusual piece that looks incredible on the wrist. 


    Materials - 800 Silver (tested, hallmarks are very small), Niello

    Size - Bracelet measures approx 8 1/2" from the end of the dog clip to where the tbar is attached. When worn, the bracelet is around 7 1/2" long to allow the tbar to hang down the hand.

    Condition - Good. There is one link that has some niello loss, though this is not at all obvious (see pics). The other links are in good condition for their age with a few dings and scraps here and there with no actual loss. The dog clip has lost some of its stripes. All noted for accuracy only; overall the bracelet has a great look and has survived well.

    Weight - 16.22g