• SOLD Edwardian 18ct Gold Beryl & Diamond Ring


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    This is an interesting ring with a beautiful mount. The ring is based on a Georgian style in that it is a closed back setting with a foil backed stone, but the actual dimensions and the skills used to make the ring are from the early 20th Century, c1910s. The mount is beautifully made with a classic closed back design, and holds a low grade beryl gemstone that has been cut in a rectangular shape. The stone has likely been treated with oils to make it look more green and thus more like an emerald, the most expensive of the beryl family. I believe it may also have been foil backed to enhance the green colour. Over the years, the oils have seeped out of the stone and now we have a pale beryl with hints of oil residue behind. The centre stone appears green with the added interesting spectrum of oil colours there too. This is flanked by two little old cut diamonds. All stones are reminiscent of being millegrain set, a style of setting that became very popular in the early 1900s.

    Certainly an interesting piece that looks very pretty on the hand.


    Materials - 18ct Gold (hallmarked), Beryl, Diamonds

    Age - C1910s

    Size - Beryl measures 7mm by 6mm

            Ring size US 6 1/2  UK N  This ring could be resized.

    Condition - Shank excellent, centre gemstone as detailed above.

    Weight - 3.2g