• SOLD Edwardian 9ct Gold Mechanical Pencil Enamel Pendant


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    A pretty and elegant pendant from the mid Edwardian period, c1910. The pendant is made from 9ct gold and has beautiful guilloche enamel to the outside, which is a wonderful vibrant green with little white polka dots. This pendant has a secret! Inside is a telescopic pencil that rolls out to allow it to be used to write. The pencil still contains some pencil lead and is in full working order. Such a pretty piece that would have been worn by a lady to aid her whenever a little writing was required.


    Materials - 9ct Gold (marked 9ct on the bale) with necessary casings for the pencil to work, Enamel

    Age - C1910

    Size - The enamel pendant measures approx 27mm when closed with the bale adding an extra 7mm to the length. The pencil, when out of the case, measures 55mm long.

    Condition - Excellent. 

    Weight - 8g