• SOLD Edwardian 9ct Gold Mixed Gem Harlequin Bracelet


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    A beautiful example of this style of bracelet from the turn of the last Century, c1900s. The bracelet is made from solid 9ct gold and has a rainbow of mixed gemstones set in individual claw settings across the wrist. All the gems are natural gemstones, except for one that is a glass paste (looks like a green tourmaline). This would have been mistaken for a real gem and used regardless; it has the same style of cut as the other stones. The gemstones include purple and pale purple sapphire (on each end), pink tourmaline, aquamarine, citrine, smoky quartz, garnet and madeira citrine. They are all mixed cuts, though mainly they have a stepped rectangular cut that follows across most of the stones giving the bracelet some symmetry. The smoky quartz at the centre has a slightly more defined emerald cut giving it a lovely point of difference for the centre point. The bracelet is in excellent condition with a lovely 'bubble' link on the chain part of the bracelet and a firm tongue clasp with safety clip.


    Materials - 9ct Gold (tested), Mixed Gemstones (details above)

    Age - C1900s

    Size - The central smoky quartz measures approx 9mm by 6mm. The gems measures approx 7.2mm across and the whole bracelet is around 7" in length

    Condition - Excellent. Stones in wonderful condition with only 1-2 very minor surface knicks across the whole lot, hardly visible even through magnification and mentioned for accuracy only. 

    Weight - 11.8g