• SOLD Edwardian 9ct Gold Moonstone & Ruby Drop Earrings


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    A beautiful pair of earrings from the early 20th Century, c1910s. The earrings are made from 9ct gold and have wonderful glowing moonstones set in simple oval frames dangling from the bottom. The moonstones have a beautiful adularescence and the light moves around the stones perfectly. To the top are rectangular cut synthetic rubies. The rubies have a wonderful depth of colour and are a lovely combination with the moonstones. Synthetic stones have all the same properties as their natural counterparts, though they are manmade. During the early 20th Century, synthetic stones were often used due to the advancement in technology at that time and for their magnificent saturation of colour.


    Materials - 9ct Gold (tested), Moonstone, Synthetic Rubies

    Age - C1910s

    Size - The moonstones measure approx 10mm by 6mm. The earrings are around 17.5mm in length excluding the hooks

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 1.57g the pair.