• SOLD Edwardian Silver Double Sided Enamel Stamp Envelope


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    A wonderful piece from the Edwardian period, dated Birmingham 1903. This piece is an envelope shaped stamp holder and can be worn beautifully as a pendant. It has a large presence on the neck and is in excellent condition. It is made from sterling silver and, unusually, it is double sided with an opening on both sides. To one side is a section for '1d' stamps and to the other is a section for '1/2d' stamps. Such a lovely example with red enamel on one side and green enamel on the other. A wonderful collectors item with the lion hallmark on all pieces of the envelope, including the bail.


    Materials - Sterling Silver (hallmarked), Enamel

    Size - Approx 27mm by 22mm and 6mm deep. The bail adds an extra 8mm to the length.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 8.36g