• SOLD Edwardian Three Stone Opal 18kt Gold Ring


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    Stunning ring from the Edwardian period. There are three incredible opals set in their finest millegrain settings that spread across the top of the finger. The fire emanating from the opals is absolutely beautiful. The center stone has an interesting inclusion that cannot be seen in all lights, but alters the play of light through the stone for dramatic affect and gives the opal a rather beautiful blue appearance with flashes of green. The ring is wonderful quality and quite chunky in its appearance. A contradiction from the style of the period. 


    Materials - 18ct Gold, slightly rosy in color (hallmarked), Opals

    Age - C1905

    Size - US 7  UK N 1/2

            Opals measure approx 6mm in diameter each.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 5.2g