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    These gorgeous earrings are from the Victorian period, circa 1870. The wonderful circular earrings are studded entirely with deep red bohemian garnets. As is customary with bohemian garnets, they are faceted to the front allowing the gem to glow a vibrant red in certain lights. The earrings are backed by garnet gold, a low grade gold commonly used with bohemian garnets, and they have solid 14kt gold earring wires. The wires have little hook fastenings at the bottom to ensure the earrings are safe in the ear. Wonderfully eye-catching and they'd look incredible in candlelight! 

    There pavé circles probably started life as buttons.


    Materials - Bohemian Garnets, Garnet Gold, Solid 14kt Gold

    Age - C1870s, altered later.

    Size - Circles measure 15mm each in diameter

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 5.1g the pair.