• SOLD Georgian 15ct Cannetille Pink Foiled Topaz Brooch Pendant


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    A stunning brooch pendant from the late Georgian/Early Victorian period, c1830. The pendant is made from 15ct gold and has marvellous cannetille work throughout with little flowers and gold scroll work forming the design of the piece. It is a 4 point cross design in a landscape position with 5 topaz gemstones that have been backed with pink foil. This gives the topaz that wonderful pale pink undertone that is popular in pieces of this period and design. A true work of art and a classic representation of jewellery from this time.

    There is a little hook at the bottom centre point of the pendant indicating that there would have been a removable drop, likely the same cannetille pink topaz design. Normally they are a larger single stone in a similar setting. 


    Materials - 15ct Gold (tested), Topaz

    Age - C1830

    Size - 35mm wide by 21mm tall. The bale adds an extra 7mm to the height.

    Condition - Very good. There is a tear to the foil behind the central topaz making it slightly duller than the other stones. It is a marginal colour difference, though the tear can be seen when you view the piece close up.

    Weight - 6.3g