• SOLD Georgian Diamond Cluster Ring


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    An absolutely stunning ring from the Georgian period, c1800. The ring has beautiful rose cut diamonds set in silver pinched collet settings. The central diamond is particularly pleasing with its unusual shape, representative of the hand cutting of diamonds during this period, before modern machinery and diamond techniques had been developed. The diamonds have a gentle rose glow and would have sparkled perfectly in the candlelight of the time. The actual cluster itself looks to have started life either as an alternative piece of jewellery or with a different shank as this shank is certainly a later addition, though probably added in antiquity. Made from 18ct gold, it is simple in design and shows the wonderful diamonds off to perfection.

    Please be aware that these diamonds are closed back and this ring should be worn with care.


    Materials - 18ct Gold (tested), Silver, Diamonds

    Age - C1800

    Size - Cluster measures 11mm square.

            Ring size UK I 1/2   US 4 1/2   This ring could be resized

    Condition - Very good

    Weight - 3.52g