• SOLD Georgian Opaline & Rose Diamond Flower Ring


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    A stunning ring from the Georgian period, dated 26th May 1792 for Reuben Langrish who died at the age of 44.  This piece has been put together using 18th Century components with marvellous opaline glass as the backing and a beautiful spray of flowers to the front with lovely rose cut diamonds set into it. A wonderful look with the lovely subtle colours emanating from the opaline glass, very difficult to capture in a photograph.

    I suspected that this ring was not an entirely original piece and this has been confirmed via a note regarding mourning rings that I have found when researching this name and date. The details of its original design are below:

    796. Gold, small marquise-shaped head, with an urn formed of mother- 
    of-pearl and seed pearls, on a background of hair. Engraved 
    at back of head : 
    Reuben Langrish ob 26 May 1792 JEt 44.

    Wonderful to know that the ring itself has some provenance and also to know that this mourning ring has been documented in the past. It now rests with a beautiful and unusual subject and looks very pretty on the hand.


    Materials - 18ct Gold (tested), Opaline, Rose Diamond

    Age - Dated 1792. All components are original 18th Century though they have come to be together at a later date. The ring came to me as it is.

    Size - Marquise head measures 21mm by 14mm. 

            Ring size  US 8 1/2  UK Q 3/4  This ring could be resized a little.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 4.1g