• SOLD Georgian Pearl Memorial Ring with Black Enamel 'In Memory Of'


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    Absolutely stunning ring from the late Georgian period. This ring is in wonderful condition and is made from 18kt gold. It is English in origin and has 'In Memory Of' written in gold script on black enamel around the band. The band has elaborate outer edges and the centerpiece is a wonderful ring of gorgeous pearls with a locket window. The window is framed by black enamel and has a little lock of hair behind it.

    This ring is in immaculate condition and is fully hallmarked with London hallmarks dating it to 1828. It is also engraved on the back to commemorate a loved one. In this case it is the story of Mrs. Ann Wild that is being remembered. The ring is inscribed with the date December 4th 1828 and I believe the lady's age of 66.  This ring is truly a piece of history and is in museum quality condition.


    Materials - 18kt Gold, Black Enamel, Pearls

    Age - 1828

    Size - US  5 3/4  UK K 1/2

    Condition - Immaculate

    Weight - 6g