• SOLD Georgian Pinchbeck Vinaigrette 'Present' Charm


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    A pretty and rare charm pendant from the late Georgian period, c1820s. The pendant is made from pinchbeck, an alloy of copper and zinc, invented by Christopher Pinchbeck in the 18th Century. It allowed people who could not afford gold jewellery to buy a piece of jewellery that resembled gold. This piece is in fact a vinaigrette. A little contraption used to hold a little sponge with perfume infused into it that could be smelt when passing something pungent in the street, as was often the case in this period. This lovely piece has been made in the shape of a gift and has its original grill inside that can be lifted. Now, this piece could be used as a locket and is an exquisite little charm with a pretty scrolled pattern in the gold and twisted 'ropes' to resemble the ribbons.

    The vinaigrette will come on a 14kt gold fill chain as pictured.


    Materials - Pinchbeck

    Age - C1820s

    Size - The charm pendant measures approx 15mm by 14mm with the bail adding an extra 6mm to the length

    Condition - Very good. Where the two halves of the locket meet is just a little off from centre, though the closure is very secure and this is not noticeable when worn.

    Weight - 3.18g