• SOLD Large Sacred Heart Silver Medallion 'The Children of Mary'


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    A wonderful religious artefact from the early half of the 19th Century, dated 1830. The medal is made from 800 silver and depicts the sacred heart to the front with thorns encircling it and flames emanating from the top at the base of a cross. Over the top of this emblem are the latin words, 'Cor Meum Jungatur Vobis' meaning 'Let my heart be joined to you'. To the back is a depiction of Mary with the words in French, 'Marie Conçue Sans Peche Priez Pous Nous Qui Avons Recours a Vous' meaning, 'Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you'. The congregation of The Children of Mary was formed in 1830 and this is likely to be a medallion representing membership to this congregation. The outside rim of the medal is also etched with a name and the words Enfant de Marie (Children of Mary) along with a date, 5th June '68. It seems that this medal was given to a member (M. Hores) on this date in 1868. 

    This is a wonderful piece of history and a beautiful collectors item. Traditionally, the medallion is worn on a wide blue ribbon, though it would look perfect on a long silver chain, and its large size gives a wonderful presence when worn.


    Materials - 800 Silver (tested)

    Age - Early 19th Century

    Size - The medallion measures approx 40mm in diameter

    Condition - Excellent. Lovely antique patina

    Weight - 23.7g