• SOLD Late Georgian Turquoise, Pearl & Moonstone Pendant Brooch


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    A pretty pendant from the late Georgian period, c1820s. The pendant is made from 15ct gold and has a lovely baroque feel to it with its intricate pinched collet settings and a 'swag' of turquoise to the bottom. The turquoise is lovely and bright and mainly surrounds a lovely oval moonstone. To the back of the moonstone is an opening compartment ready for a little momento to be placed behind. The pearls are lovely and creamy with only one showing a slight grey look to the lustre. A pretty piece that could be worn as a brooch or pendant.


    Materials - 15ct Gold (tested), Turquoise, Pearls

    Age - C1820s

    Size - The piece measures 29mm square.

    Condition - Good. The brooch clasp seems to have been put on upside down (in antiquity), though works perfectly well. There is evidence of lead solder around the upper most turquoise. This is likely original to the piece or done in antiquity.

    Weight - 8.6g