• SOLD Late Victorian 14kt Double Snake Ring with Rubies


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    A pretty snake ring from the late Victorian period, c1880. The ring has two snake heads, both set with vibrant pink rubies. The snakes are entirely intertwined and this is a beautiful emblem of love everlasting. Snakes were popular throughout the Victorian period due to the fact that Prince Albert presented Queen Victoria with a snake ring as an engagement ring. They came to represent eternal love and this ring is a wonderful representation of two lives joined together. Rubies are also known to symbolise passion and protection; a very fitting gemstone for this pretty and elegant ring. 

    The ring can be worn alone, or is fine enough to be worn as part of a stack of rings.


    Materials - 14kt Gold (tested), Ruby

    Age - C1880

    Size - Distance from outer edge of each snake head is 9mm

            Ring size  US Tight 8,  UK  Tight Q

    Condition - Very good

    Weight - 2.1g