• SOLD Victorian 14ct Gold Bird Feather Pendant


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    A beautiful pendant from the late Victorian period, c1880s. The pendant is made from 14ct gold and is a double sided pendant with convex glass on each side. Behind the glass are intricate designs of birds made from natural feathers. The white heron is on a butterfly wing background, a practice seen quite often during this period that creates the beautiful iridescent blue colour. Perfect to show off the white feathers. To the other side is a wonderful colourful bird. The two pictures make the pendant very versatile as they give an entirely different look depending upon what you fancy on that day.

    The pendant will come on a 14kt gold fill chain as pictured.


    Material - 14ct Gold (tested), Glass, Feathers

    Age - C1880s

    Size - 20mm in diameter

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 1.79g