• SOLD Victorian 14kt Gold Enamel Propelling Pencil Pendant


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    A wonderful propelling pencil from the Victorian period, c1890s. The pencil tests as 14kt gold and unusually for this karat of gold, I believe it is French in origin as it is marked A W Faber, a Parisian maker for this style of enamelled pencil. The pencil is beautifully made with black enamel to the main length of the pencil and a pretty goddess depicted with a basket of eggs; possibly she is Ostara or Eostre, the goddess of Easter. Eggs are also a symbol of life and rebirth. The enamel is in beautiful condition with fabulous detail and the gold barrel of the pencil is wonderfully decorated with an engine turned design. The pencil is in excellent condition and would look perfect on a long gold chain or worn as part of a stack of charms. It is still in full working order with a little lead left for writing. 


    Materials - 14kt Gold (tested), Enamel

    Age - C1890s

    Size - The pencil measures approx 48mm long when closed and 83mm when open. It is approx 7.5mm wide across the enamel

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 7.59g