• SOLD Victorian 14kt Gold Etched Dangle Earrings


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    These wonderful earrings are from the late 19th Century and are made from solid 14kt gold. They depict a scene that looks like an idyllic island theme, though they could originate from Mexico due to their classic shape. During this era people began to travel more as the world became more accessible with the evolution of transport and it was common to reflect social pursuits in jewellery. Hanging from the central discs are four little heart shaped charms that move wonderfully when worn. A fine unusual pair of earrings.


    Materials - 14kt Gold (tested)

    Age - C1890s

    Size - Discs measures 1" wide and are 0.9" long. The heart charms add an extra 0.4" to the length

    Condition - Good. There have been some repairs to the fastenings. The earrings are fairly delicate in their nature and this should be considered.

    Origin - USA