• SOLD Victorian 15ct Gold Greek Key Ball Earrings


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    A beautiful pair of earrings from the mid to late Victorian period, c1870s. The earrings are made from 15ct gold and have a pretty geometric design around the balls, which is known as a meander or meandros in Greek, meaning a decorative border made from a continuous line in a repeated pattern. The more modern name for this is the Greek key design due to the fact that it is an important part of Greek culture and design, and it was incorporated into Victorian jewellery during this immense period of discovery. It is a lovely addition to these beautiful gold earrings, making them striking yet wearable.


    Materials - 15ct Gold (tested)

    Age - C1870s

    Size - The earrings measure 23mm long from the domed top to the bottom of the ball.

    Condition - Very good. A little patina variation across the pair, noted for accuracy only.

    Weight - 4.65g