• SOLD Victorian 15kt Gold Banded Onyx Shield Memorial Ring


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    A beautiful ring from the mid Victorian period. The centerpiece of this unusual memorial ring is a banded onyx shaped as a shield. The onyx has the lovely black color you would expect with a straight band of white right through the middle. The ring is beautiful quality with a lovely original shank. The black enamel design around the shank has a geometric look and is fairly well worn. There are remnants of black enamel round the back of the shank, but it has almost completely disappeared here. A sign of a well-loved piece that only adds to its charm. The shank itself is still lovely and thick.

    Inside the shank is a beautiful English hallmark dating the ring to London 1865 and hallmarking the gold for 15kt. There is also an inscription that runs from one side of the underside of the onyx to the other. It reads 'In memory of JH Parnell Esq., Ob 17th Feb 1871. At 65'. There may have once been a glass locket back to the shield.


    Materials - 15kt Gold, Banded Onyx, Black Enamel

    Age - Hallmarked for London 1865, Memorial dated 1871

    Size - Shield measures 13mm by 10mm. Shank is 5mm wide all the way around

            Ring size  US 8  UK Q  Could possibly be re-sized a little, though would destroy the hallmark.

    Condition - Good. Some worn areas to the black enamel as mentioned above

    Weight - 5.2g