• SOLD Victorian 18ct Gold Buckle Brooch with Garnets


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    Beautiful Victorian brooch, c1880, made from 18ct gold. The brooch is the classic Victorian motif of a buckle, which has been formed in a circle. The buckle was a popular motif at this time symbolising the tying of two people together and remaining strong in love. The fact that the buckle has been formed in a circle adds to this sentiment in that a circle has no end. 

    This particular belt is a beautiful example with ornate chasing in the gold and four vibrant flat cut garnets set around its circle. To the back of the brooch is a small glass locket back, which has some woven hair set behind it. The whole piece is entirely original and in excellent antique condition.


    Materials - 18ct Gold (tested), Flat Cut Garnets

    Age - C1880

    Size - 28mm long by 20mm wide.

    Condition - Very good. A miniscule chip in the glass at the back, note for accuracy only

    Weight - 3.1g