• SOLD Victorian 18ct Gold Coral Figa Pendant


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    A beautifully detailed figa from the late Victorian period. The figa is made from a beautiful natural coral branch that has been carved at the bottom with wonderful precision into a hand; a mano figa. This symbol originates in Italy and has slightly sexual overtones and is thought to be a call to fertility. Nowadays, they are worn as protection symbols to ward off the evil eye. In this example, the fingers of the hand are very lifelike complete with finger nails and there is something very beautiful about this carving.

    The chain pictured if for display only.


    Materials - 18kt Gold (tested), Coral

    Age - C1880s

    Size - The figa measures approx 27mm long excluding the bail and is around 9mm wide at the widest point

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 1.81g