• SOLD Victorian 18kt Gold Eagle Pendant with Pearl


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    An incredible and majestic pendant from the Victorian period. The pendant is an eagle that has the most wonderful detail in the gold creating the feathers of the wide spread wings of this most wonderful bird. The pendant is made from solid 18kt gold, which is a beautiful rich yellow color, and is remarkable quality. The bird rests upon a branch and hanging from the eagle's beak is a little pearl drop; perhaps representing a catch or kill. The pearl is likely a later addition that has replaced whatever was hanging there originally. 

    The eagle represents strength and they are known to have sharp vision. They can also be associated with the military.


    Materials - 18kt Gold (tested), Cultured Pearl 

    Age - C1890

    Size - Eagle is 22mm wide across the wings, 15mm tall, with the chain and bale adding an extra 20mm to the length

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 6.9g