• SOLD Victorian 18kt Gold French Jet Hoop Earrings


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    Gorgeous and unusual earrings from the Victorian period, c1870. The earrings are faceted French Jet hoops and have 18kt gold fittings. French Jet is a type of opaque black glass that was used throughout the 19th Century to simulate jet. Jet was heavily used during this period to create various pieces of mourning jewelry and became popular as items of fashion jewelry too. These earrings are in excellent condition with the facets on the French Jet bouncing the light beautifully. Super quality and a great look!


    Materials - 18kt Gold (tested), French Jet

    Age - C1870

    Size - Hoops measure approx 27mm in diameter, outer edge to outer edge.

    Condition -Excellent

    Weight - 5.2g