• SOLD Victorian 18kt Gold Propelling Pencil with Turquoise


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    This wonderful piece is from the Victorian period and is made from 18kt gold. It is a beautiful ornate propelling pencil with an exquisite chased design along the length of the pencil. At the center is the mechanism that pushes the pencil out of its case and this has been studded with beautiful vibrant turquoise. To the top, the pencil has pear shaped turquoise that surrounds the base of a seal. I believe the seal is a deep colored garnet and it is engraved with the letters A S. The pencil has its original lead, though it is worn down to the tip and no longer writes.

    This beautiful pencil would have been worn on a fine lady's chatelaine. Chatelaines were extremely popular during the Victorian period due to the fact that a woman's dress did not have any pockets and a chatelaine allowed a lady to carry her essential tools around with her. This particular pencil is fairly fancy and could have been worn for a more formal occasion. A true beauty - as functional as it is a piece of a jewelry.


    Materials - 18kt Gold (tested), Turquoise, Amethyst

    Age - C1870s

    Size - Pencil measures 2.9"/7.4cm when the pencil is out, 2.2"/5.6cm when the pencil is away.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 7.9g