• SOLD Victorian 9ct Gold Coin Purse Charm Pendant


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    The most adorable charm pendant from the late Victorian period, c1890. The charm is made from 9ct gold and is a small coin purse. The purse itself is made from wonderful gold chainmail that has been carefuly woven together. To the top is a lovely gold frame with a classic 'kiss' clasp. The purse hangs from a gold chain that meets at the top with a bale large enough to feed a chain through. It is finished with five little gold balls along the bottom of the chainmail to weight it perfectly. You see many of these in silver, but a gold one is a rarer find.


    Materials - 9ct gold (marked inside)

    Age - C1890s

    Size - Measures approx 47mm from top of the bale to the bottom hanging ball in the centre. Purse itself is approx 31mm by 20mm

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 3.43g