• SOLD Victorian 9ct Gold Coral Figa Amulet Charm


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    Pretty charm from the late Victorian period. The charm is natural coral in the shape of a hand with 9ct gold fittings and is a ' mano figa' - a talisman traditionally associated with virility and fertility (mano being hand and fig being a slang term for female genitalia in Italian). There are particularly pretty features on this pendant with the gold finger nails, looking as though they have been painted, and the gold band around the wrist, as if there is a bracelet there. In South America, these charms have come to be worn as protection against the evil eye. A lovely piece in excellent condition and the perfect piece to add to any collection or worn alone on a fine chain.


    Materials - 9ct Gold (tested), Coral

    Age - C1890

    Size - Hand measures 20mm long, 8mm wide at fist

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 0.7g