• SOLD Victorian Amber Heart Pendant


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    A wonderful tactile piece of jewellery from the Victorian period, c1880s. The pendant is made from natural amber and is in the shape of a heart. The amber has a rich dusky orange colour and a lovely warmth to the stone. Amber is not actually a gemstone and is in fact the hardened resin of a certain type of ancient tree. It has been used in jewellery for many centuries and is considered a natural gem regardless. It is said to bring protection and ward off illness and has been worn for many years to give strength and energy. This is a beautiful piece and its warmth is very comforting against the skin. 

    The heart will come on a 14kt gold fill chain as pictured.


    Materials - Amber, Gold Coloured Fittings

    Age - C1880s

    Size - The heart measures approx 23mm long by 18mm wide excluding the bail.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 3.17g