• SOLD Victorian Black Dot Paste Cluster Earrings


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    Stunning cluster earrings from the Victorian period. These wonderful black dot paste earrings probably started life as buttons or cuff links and have been lovingly converted to earrings. The perfect size and cluster, these earrings look wonderful in the ear and are a classic example of the wonder of black dot paste. This type of paste is so called due to the fact that it has a black dot painted on the 'culet' to mimic the culet of an old cut diamond. This is very obvious in this pair of earrings and thus, they are a lovely example. The pastes are set in silver and the earrings have 15ct gold shepherds hooks.

    (NB: Box is for display only. These would come in a black jewelry box)


    Materials - Black Dot Paste, Silver, 15ct Gold (tested)

    Age - C1860, converted later

    Size - Clusters are 13mm in diameter

    Condition - Excellent. 2 smaller pastes mildly damaged. Noted for accuracy only and visible only through 20x magnification.

    Weight - 4.3g the pair