• SOLD Victorian Bohemian Garnet Flower Drop Earrings


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    These incredible earrings are from the mid Victorian period, circa 1870s, and have wonderful cabochon deep red garnets that have been expertly cut to form petals. Their wonderful domed appearance sits beautifully at the top of these long statement earrings and their color is rich and magnificent. Hanging from these stunning flowers is a chain of classic bohemian garnets, faceted to the top to reflect the light. An impressive pair of earrings that look wonderful in the ear. 

    The gemstones are set in garnet gold, a low grade gold used regularly at this time, and have sterling silver wires that have been added in antiquity. 


    Materials - Garnets, Garnet Gold, Sterling Silver

    Age - C1870s

    Size - The earrings measure approximately 3" from the top of the flower to the bottom of the chains.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 15.5g the pair.