• SOLD Victorian Coral & Pearl 18ct Gold Earrings


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    Beautiful and unusual earrings from the mid to late Victorian period, circa 1880, with dormeuse fittings. The earrings are likely to originate in Italy and are 18ct gold discs with little twist designs. In between the twist partitions are three individually set coral gemstones. The coral is natural and has the wonderful orange color that is so important for this gem. At the center is a split pearl. The gold discs are etched around the gemstones and the earrings are perfect for everyday or as a pair to be dressed up. 


    Materials - 18ct Gold (tested), Coral, Pearl

    Age - C1880

    Size - Discs measure 13mm in diameter

    Condition - Very good. One pearl slightly more sunken than the other. Noted only for accuracy.

    Weight - 4.3g