• SOLD Victorian Diamond & Pearl Bug Pendant


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    A pretty and unusual pendant that has been converted from a Victorian stick pin, c1880s. The pendant is in the shape of a fly or insect, a common subject matter during the mid to late Victorian period due to the fascination with all things in nature. The fly has lovely silver wings that have been set with diamond slices. The bottom part of the body is a beautiful chunky baroque pearl and the smaller torso is a deep red spinel. There is such beautiful detail in the insect's face and this piece is a lovely eye-catching size.

    It will come on an 18" 14kt gold fill chain as pictured.


    Materials - 15ct Gold (tested), Silver, Baroque Pearl, Red Spinel

    Age - C1880s (converted later)

    Size - The bug has a wingspan that measures approximately 18.5mm wide. It is around 20mm long

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 2.7g pendant only