• SOLD Victorian French Jet & Black Silk Drop Earrings


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    Wonderful and striking earrings from the Victorian period, circa 1860. The earrings are made from beautiful French jet beads that have been threaded expertly onto black silk and they have a plait of silk around the middle. To the top of the earrings is a larger faceted French jet bead. The hooks of the earrings are sterling silver and these are a fairly large pair of earrings making for a very striking look when worn. For their size, they are fairly lightweight making them very comfortable to wear.

    French jet is black glass that was used to simulate black jet throughout the 19th Century. Demand for black jewelry was high throughout the Victorian period due to the fashion for mourning jewelry following the death of Prince Albert in 1861. These are a truly stylish pair.


    Materials - Sterling Silver (tested), French Jet

    Age - C1860

    Size - Earrings measures 5.5cm from the top of the large bead to the bottom tip.

    Conditon - Very good with only 2 or 3 very tiny chips to the beads across both earrings. Slight fading to the black silk of the plait (please see pictures). Both noted for accuracy only and I had to hunt to find any damage at all.

    Weight - 12.4g the pair.