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    An eye catching bracelet from the mid to late Victorian period, c1880. The bracelet is made from French Jet, which is a term used to describe black glass used in jewellery that mimicked Whitby Jet in the Victorian period. It has a shinier, slightly heavier appearance than its natural counterpart. The snake emblem came to resemble eternal love at this time and was a popular motif in jewellery.

    This bracelet has a great look on the wrist and has a lovely shine to the black faceted glass. The 'scales' of the snake are made from separate pieces that have been threaded on a wire spiral. The way the piece has been put together depicts the snake perfectly and the facets create the wonderful look of the snake's skin.


    Materials - French Jet (Black Glass), Wire Spiral

    Age - C1880

    Size - Snake has an approximate internal diameter of 2". It would fit most wrists as it is adjustable in size, though is most naturally suited to around a 6.5" wrist.

    Condition - Very good. Some minor nibbles here and there to the glass, commensurate with age.

    Weight - 21.15g